Hi👋, we are New Black,
a digital marketing agency
trusted by 120+ brands,
including these:

ASUS Absolut DHL Eucerin Huawei IQOS Swedbank Samsung TetraPak

We empower clients
growth and success in

E-commerce with results you can measure:

  • Web Development, UI/UX Design
  • Digital Advertising (Meta, Google, etc)
  • A/B Testing & Data-Driven Analytics
  • E-Commerce Strategy Development

Digital Communication with data-driven creativity:

  • Social Media Content Production
  • Design, Video, Animations
  • Campaigns, Influencer Marketing
  • Content Strategy Development

Our story?
Okey, but short
New Black team photo

"Started from the bottom now we're here", as Drake said, tells the story of New Black. We started small and quickly became a top digital marketing team in just one year.

Our results are a testament to our strong digital capabilities. Our clients are getting great returns on what they spend on advertising and our developed websites loads faster than others. That show how hard we work to be the best.

But at the heart of New Black, we understand the intimate connection between brands and their target audience. We spend time learning what different people like and want. We're experts at telling stories that make real connections, ensuring brands get the best value for their money.

With New Black, you get more than just the latest trend; you get enduring quality and the best of the digital world. "Started from the bottom, now my whole team fuckin' here."

Arturs Mednis
founder, CEO

Most awarded digital marketing
agency in the Baltics.

The Webby Awards
Advertising, Media & PR
E-Commerce Star
1st place
3 years in a row
Event PR
Golden Hammer
Marketing Effectiveness
3 campaigns
Online Advertising
Best Marketing
Digital Communication
1st place
Mi:t & Links
Event PR
1st place
2 years in a row
International Communication
1st place
Mi:t & Links
Campaign of the Year
Best HR
Employer's DNA
Employer Branding
2nd place
Mi:t & Links
No Budget
2nd place
Mi:t & Links
Corporate Communications
3rd place
2 campaigns

... and 20+ other awards

We have hands-on experience in these industries:


Some stats & facts:

Happy clients since 2016
Strategies in last 5 years
Websites created
E-stores developed
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Average Social Media Engagement Rate
New Black
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Kind words from our clients:

Logo of Swedbank

For the past seven years we've worked with New Black to build all sorts of cool digital things like blogs, websites, games and calculators for all sorts of users. Their innovative approach has been crucial in developing practical and accessible digital solutions, now serving nearly one million users monthly. Our partnership is built on trust and a mutual commitment to excellence, and together we've made a substantial digital impact.

Photo of Reinis Jansons
Reinis Jansons
Head of Institute of Finances
Logo of Samsung Mobile

New Black has done an excellent job with our social media content in the Baltics. They've skillfully blended our global brand requirements with local content, creating unique and engaging posts that have really connected with our audience and boosted our engagement.

Photo of Marija Zara
Marija Zara
Head of Marketing, Baltics
Samsung Mobile
Logo of  Pica Lulū

New Black has crafted our e-commerce store and led our digital marketing for the most delicious pizza in the universe. For seven years, they've served as our digital advertising and social media agency, truly mastering the e-commerce game. Thanks to New Black's strategies, we stand out like a unicorn in a field of horses. This isn't just talk; we have the awards to back it up — three years in a row winning 1st place in the E-commerce Star awards!

Photo of Elmars Tannis
Elmars Tannis
Pica Lulū
Logo of Eucerin

New Black has played a crucial role in amplifying Eucerin's digital presence, focusing mainly on content creation for various social media platforms across all three Baltic States. They've consistently delivered engaging and relevant content, significantly boosting our brand's visibility and connection with our audience. Their innovative approach and unwavering commitment to quality have made them an essential part of our team.

Photo of Dana Priedite
Dana Priedite
Business Unit Manager, Baltics
Logo of Knauf

New Black has done a fantastic job with our Knauf FireWin web concept and turned one of our product website it into an essential tool now used in 20 European countries. They're really good at making content that grabs people's attention and shows off our brand in a big way across different places. Both of our companies share a commitment to High quality and high performance.

Photo of Arturs Zeps
Arturs Zeps
International Project Leader
Logo of Vietējais top!

New Black has effectively managed our brand's presence on major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. They handled everything from planning our content and creating materials to producing various types of videos and targeting ads. We appreciate their innovative approach and the high-quality work they deliver, especially in video production.

Photo of Agnese Avota
Agnese Avota
Digital Marketing Manager
Vietējais top!
Logo of Avesco Rent Baltics

In the three years of our partnership New Black has played a crucial role in elevating our digital marketing across all The Baltics. They have consistently delivered high-quality content, demonstrating a deep understanding of our business and the unique needs of our clients. Their commitment to our digital presence has not only enhanced our brand image but has also driven meaningful interactions with our customers.

Photo of Arturs Janisevs
Arturs Janisevs
Managing Director
Avesco Rent Baltics
Logo of  Latvian Amusement Agency

We highly value our ongoing partnership with New Black, which began in 2017. Their support has been pivotal for our amusement parks providing comprehensive services from strategic communication and digital media management to advertising and content creation, including website development. Despite being a small company, we depend on New Black for all our marketing needs, and they consistently exceed expectations.

Photo of Martins Brezauckis
Martins Brezauckis
Latvian Amusement Agency
Logo of Huawei Technologies

In our two-year collaboration, New Black has played a pivotal role in enhancing Huawei's digital presence across the Baltic countires, expertly managing our social media content and digital PR. Their strategic approach and creative content creation have significantly strengthened our brand, fostering customer engagement and loyalty. We value New Black's commitment to excellence and their contribution to our success in the region.

Photo of Aleksandra Romanova
Aleksandra Romanova
Head of Marketing, The Baltics
Huawei Technologies