New Black

The world is interested in what will be the next big thing. What’s more important to brands – what trend will give the biggest return in the long term? So, rather than knowing what the next big thing will be, we should look for the new black.

New black represents new, fast developing phenomena that acquires a permanent meaning in the future. New black describes not only some new trend, but also stands for classical and proven values. Black always stays in fashion. But what will the new black be? What are those novelties that will stick for a longer period of time?

We bridge the gap between brand and its target audience – we have spent enough time with them to know where their interests lies. We know what different audiences expect from brands, how to develop meaningful relationships and how to speak their language, so brands would gain the most from the investment.

And besides all that, we also know what the new black is.


24 X professionals
“New Black” is a brave, creative, experienced, professional and an erudite team that learns daily. And if there is nothing new – we create it. Genuine enthusiasm and a “nothing’s impossible” attitude unites us.

The team has worked together for many years and we trust each other - that’s what helps to reach the best results for our clients both in the digital environment, and managing marketing campaigns, building homepages and developing other creative solutions.

Artūrs Mednis, strategies and management

Artūrs Mednis

strategies and management

Aiga Melnbārde, design and texts

Aiga Melnbārde

design and texts

Aiga Leitholde, copyright and blogs

Aiga Leitholde

copyright and blogs

Anete Ozoliņa, blogs and content

Anete Ozoliņa

blogs and content

Edgars Orlovskis, content creation

Edgars Orlovskis

content creation

Edgars Karlsons, e-commerce and SEO

Edgars Karlsons

e-commerce and SEO

Gerda Skrūzmane, design and animation

Gerda Skrūzmane

design and animation

Gita Berce, PR and communication

Gita Berce

PR and communication

Ieva Spundzāne, project management

Ieva Spundzāne

project management

Ieva Bite, content and ideas

Ieva Bite

content and ideas

Inga Leite, all papers in order

Inga Leite

all papers in order

Kārlis Upsavs, project management

Kārlis Upsavs

project management

Kārlis Krēgers, blogs and content

Kārlis Krēgers

blogs and content

Kristīne Rasnača, client PR management

Kristīne Rasnača

client PR management

Lea Briede, blogs and content

Lea Briede

blogs and content

Māris Kiseļovs, programming

Māris Kiseļovs


Roberts Silavs, video guy

Roberts Silavs

video guy

Raitis Bērziņš, another video guy

Raitis Bērziņš

another video guy

Santa Strupule, client management

Santa Strupule

client management

Uldis Egle, development management

Uldis Egle

development management

Una Bērziņa, content creation

Una Bērziņa

content creation

Vladislava Romanova, Russian copyright

Vladislava Romanova

Russian copyright

Valentine Kitchenzky, design and animation

Valentine Kitchenzky

design and animation

Emīls Skrastiņš, palīgs visos darbos

Emīls Skrastiņš

palīgs visos darbos


90+ brands
In the past 8 years, while managing everyday social media communication, developing marketing and communication strategies as well as creating homepages, applications and offering other content marketing solutions, our colleagues have worked with more than 90 different brands from Latvia and abroad.

Here are some of the brands with whom our team has worked with or still are working:

Skandi Motors
Cesu Alus
GE Money
Latvijas Attistibai
Latvijas Loto


If you care to talk about digital marketing, brand communication in social media, content marketing, digital PR and work with opinion leaders, if you are in need of developing a communication strategy, managing campaigns or you simply need a homepage – write, call or come and visit our new office on Miera street.

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